Our Philosophy to Education

Goals and Objectives

M.B. Mahila Teachers Training College, Dungarpur. This is a college only for women for upliftment of women in the area of Tribal belt of Southern region of Rajasthan. Our aim is to impart sound integral formation and training (Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social, Moral and Spiritual) to would-be teachers, who, in turn, would form and mould the future citizens of India in different spheres of life.



Our mission is to prepare principled professional practitioners who thrive and succeed in diverse environments, promote collaborative and generative communities, and engage in life-long learning.



Our vision is to provide the world with educators who work to form broad-based, diverse learning communities.


Objectives of the Institution:

  • To help prospective teachers to develop competence to teach subjects of their specialization on the basis of an adequate theory of learning and a sound knowledge of the subjects.
  • To build up professional consciousness.
  • To develop an understanding of the close relationship between society and the school, between life and school work.
  • To integrate the ICTs in teaching-learning.
  • To help the student-teachers become integrated persons through harmonious development of physical, intellectual, emotional, social, moral and spiritual powers.
  • To facilitate them to interact and work together, and thus to develop Gender sensitivity.

The college has academically qualified and experienced principal with the team of dedicated teacher educators to form and train the student-teachers for the 21st century education. A well equipped and furnished library with a digitalised knowledge resource centre is at the service of both the student-teachers and the faculty to develop their intellectual potential. All the teacher educators are adapting a variety of innovative teaching-learning techniques namely video assisted lecture, role-play, symposium, seminar, workshop, debate, group discussion, interactive e-learning with smart class room, demonstration, to strengthen the student-teachers’ academic skills and training.


Training on communication (both Hindi and English), soft skills and personality development are provided for the student-teachers’ self-development. All national, regional and religious festivals are meaningfully celebrated with the active participation of the student-teachers and the staff which leads to imbibe the core values such as patriotism, secularism, brotherhood, social justice, national integrities. On these occasions wall magazines are published by the student-teachers.