Library is provided bibliographical, documentation and information support to the teaching and research programmes of the college. The Library holdings are over 10903 books in the various areas of teacher education.

Library Resources

Books Total     10903  
Text books Reference books
Dictionaries Encyclopedias
Atlases Gazetteers
Religious literature Special Reference books

Library infrastructure

Library Area 1563 sq.ft.
Reading room 700 sq.ft
Books racks 57 selves racks includes 60 subjects
Classification D.D.C scheme
Available Computers 4 computers
Reading room Capacity 50 student
Inside library sitting capacity 15 student
  List of Library collection
Subjects Reference Books
Books Total 305
Text books Reference books
Dictionaries Encyclopedias
  Stock details – 2019-2020
S.No. Details Total
1 Books 10903
2 Journals 5
3   Magazine 20
4 Reference 300
5 Book Bank Books 1000
  Book Bank Facility The Library has Book Bank facility for all the Students. The Books from the Book Bank are issued on receipt of their requisite forms. 7-8 books regarding syllabus are issued to students for the whole year and taken back after final examination is over. Guidelines of Library Access to Circulation • Students can access the Stack Section only during the fixed hours. • Resources of Reference Section are given out for a short duration only with the explicit permission of Librarian.    Access Time
Library Hours  
Monday To Friday 10:00 AM To 5:00 PM
Declared Holidays Close
  Circulation of Books Issue and Renewal Norms
  • A user may borrow a maximum of two books at a time.
  • A book is issued for a period of Two week. Provided no one else had demanded the same book, it could be re-issued again only for another two week.
  • For the staff a book could be issued for a period of three weeks, which could be re-issued for a period of three more weeks, if no else demands it.
  • Any expensive book (that is beyond Rs.500) will not be given for home-reading lies available in the library.
  • A fine will be collected from users who fail to return the books on due dates. Repeated offenders will not be allowed in Library.
  Circulation of Reference(s)
  • No one can take a Reference book outside the library, except with the explicit permission of Librarian.
  Restitution for Damaged Book(s) Individual
  • In case of damage to the books, the person responsible will have to pay for a fresh copy of the same and also a fine, fixed by Librarian.
  • If the person responsible for the damage is not known, then the entire student body will have to bear the cost of the books.
  Return of Books
  • No books shall be retained with the students during vacations.
  • All books shall be returned to the library before the commencement of vacations or examination accepts book bank books.