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Welcome to MB. Mahila Teachers Training College (MBMTTC).

MBMTTC was established in 2005 with the aim to impart knowledge and skills for student-Teachers for their future career path in the educational area, especially in the area of women education. The practical aspect of our college is to equip every student with the confidence to take up any challenge, assignment and supersede in today’s competitive work culture. Whatever the choice a student makes about her course of study.

It is the college central aim to provide individual sensitivity such that all are inspired to achieve their learning goals. The intellectual formation of our pupil-teachers is a core value. In keeping with our strong academic tradition, we provide curricula to the highest academic standards.

It consistently pursues its goal of improving the college’s learning resources and IT infrastructure and finds new ways to utilize this infrastructure to enhance the process of teaching and learning. In this context, the e-learning project, Smart class room, which provides learning stimulus beyond traditional learning methodology. In a nutshell, the administration continuously and dedicatedly works to improve all aspects of the academic life at the college.


The focus of all these efforts is our students. Our aim is to equip them with all those skills needed to successfully and efficiently serve their community and contribute to the progress of the nation. We, at MBMTTC, aim at balanced and well- developed professional graduates who are ready to embrace the challenges of the future competitive world. For this purpose, the college has many houses which provide them with a platform to apprehend their potential and polish their talent by actively engaging in various activities organized by these houses. As a student at MBMTTC, you will join a highly motivated community of students who are pursuing their career goals.

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Ashish Anand


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