Computer lab

The computer lab plays an important role in the college’s effort to educate students to be visually, verbally, and technologically accomplished. At present college has huge computer lab with Wi-Fi internet connectivity for the students and staff.

Use Guidelines for Computer Lab

  • DO NOT install any software in the lab without the consent and permission of the Computer instructor. We believe we have installed the necessary software to suit your general purpose. Should you need extra and specialized software for a particular need, you are welcome to discuss with us.
  • DO NOT alter any setting and configuration of computers in the lab.
  • Students are solely responsible for the backup of their important and sensitive data either by saving it locally on hard drives or to portable USB drives. Computer instructor WILL NOT be liable for any data loss caused by computer breakdown or by the routine initialization of hard drives.
  • NO bags are allowed in the lab.
  • Printing is FREE but student are to supply their own papers.
  • Inform the Help Desk if the printer is faulty. DO NOT try and repair it yourself.
  • Inform our Help Desk immediately if a computer is not working properly. DO NOT try to repair the equipment yourself. 
  • Lab computers are strictly for academic purpose only. Therefore you are encouraged to use them to maximize your learning capacity.
  • NO Food or Drinks allowed in the lab.
  • Always shut down the computer in the proper manner when leaving the lab.
  • Use of the lab is restricted to the current students, faculty, and staff only. DO NOT bring guests or visitors into the lab.
  • Keep your computer lab clean! Please dispose of your own trash and pack out any items you brought with you. Return your keyboard, mouse to their normal position and push in your chair when leaving the lab.
  • NO group discussions allowed in the lab.
  • NO personal computers or other IT equipments are allowed into the lab.
  • Always carry your college ID card with you while using the lab. You may be asked to present it at any time, and if you don’t have it with you, you may be asked to leave the lab.
  • The students should enter the lab only during their practical class. Apart from the allotted time, if a student wants to access the lab, she has to get a written permission from the Vice-principal.
  • Students are not allowed to enter the lab with the footwear.
  • No computer games from any source, either hard disk, floppy, CD-ROM, Internet, etc. At any time in the lab.
  • Students should not view, print, copy or download pornography and phonographic materials in any form.
  • Unauthorized Study material. CDs, Pen drives etc. Are not allowed into the lab. The students are allowed to save their work in the server only.