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Dungarpur district is situated in southern most part of Rajasthan 23.200 to 24.010 of latitude and 73.210 to 74.230 of longitude. In East and North its borders on Banswara and Udaipur District respectively while it adjoins the State of Gujrat in South & West. Dungarpur District is the smallest district of the state covering 385592 hacts only, which is 1.13% of the total area of Rajasthan. The most of the part of Distrtict is hilly. The overall land productivity is rated to be low for the whole district with somewhat batter conditions found in its southern & western corners.

The climate of the District is dry & temperature peak in May with mean daily maximum of + 41.50 c and absolute maximum +450c. The coldest month is January with temperatures falling to around +50c during night but with day temperatures still well above +200c. The average rainfall of District is710mm and occur great variations from year to year and Drought situation is normal condition in the district.

To realize a dream which he had cherished since his boyhood, Sh.Poonam Chand Kalal, the founding father of M.B. Health & Hygiene Nursing Shikshan Sansthan, a social worker and educationist dedicated to the women’s upliftment. His plan was to organize a programme of rural reconstruction and also to train public workers through constructive service of the people. In the 2005, planning has been made to enlighten the awareness of education among the women especially remote areas women of ST & SC. M.B. Mahila Teachers Training College came into existence in 2005 and started its first batch in 2006.

M.B. Mahila Teachers Training College is affiliated with Mohan Lal Sukhadia University, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

College is deeply conscious of the crisis of values that marks the modern society. In its view, education is one of the potent instruments for trying to meet this crisis. Hence this college’s entire educational effort and program is focused on the need of creating a proper sense of values among the students. In this context it emphasizes a harmonious balance of the spiritual and scientific values of the East and the West. Simple and natural living and an attempt to strike a balance between individual freedom and social responsibility designed to achieve the above objectives. For achieving these objectives various activities are being organized in this college throughout the year.